Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Novel Is Now Available & Happy New Year!

Again, it’s been ages since I’ve posted here. Why? Mostly I’ve been busy with my writing, with life in Vietnam, and with the two street cats I’ve adopted. Especially the two street cats I’ve adopted…

I’m posting this to let visitors to my blog know that my novel, Lotusland, is currently available on Amazon – about six weeks earlier than the original release date. The Amazon sales page is here:

Lotusland has received the following two endorsements:

Tender, brutal, authentic, Lotusland captures the romance, disenchantment, and discoveries of expats living high and low in Vietnam. Joiner weaves a fine story.
-Andrew X. Pham, author of Catfish and Mandala and Eaves of Heaven, and translator of Last Night I Dreamed of Peace

Lotusland transports readers far away from narratives about the Vietnam War. David Joiner takes Vietnam as many people have come to know it and shows what it’s like today. A wonderful, important debut.

For anyone interested in literary fiction set in contemporary Vietnam, please give Lotusland a look.

Happy New Year!

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