Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fated to Be

I'm now visiting my parents in Cincinnati. Going through some old boxes in their house, I just came across a few baby photos of myself and realized that this blog, which is largely devoted to food, might well have been preordained.

If this were a painting, I'd entitle it "The Rapture of Sapuche..."

The crazy thing is, I really haven't changed much. I have a bit more hair (though not much), have stayed true to the same clothing fashions, still sometimes confuse my nose with my mouth, and still love me some fresh cornbread.

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  1. What a classic photo! This is book cover material. 8-D

  2. Tangled Noodle: Heh! Thanks. I'm pretty sure my parents have more embarrassing eating photos of me, but I think they're keeping them secret until they have a chance to use them themselves. :)