Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The last few weeks have been a little more distracting to me than usual, largely because I'm considering a job in Taiwan that could start as soon as late May. Ah, life is seldom simple. Complicated, yes, but also fairly interesting when looked at in retrospection. In any event, before I forget, I want to take a moment here to thank three bloggers for the awards they passed on to me last week.

I received the “Friends Award” simultaneously from Selba at and Sophie at If you haven’t visited their websites yet -- both are two of my favorites on the food blogosphere -- please make sure to do so. Selba and Sophie are wonderful at what they do, and they’re more than equal to the “friend” appellation of this award. Thank you!

I also received an award from Kristy at, which is a new and brilliant website featuring all kinds of recipes, videos, tips, deals, and other goodies. I should start by saying that I’ve never been embraced into any sort of sisterhood in my life, which makes this award all the more interesting for me. Yes, I’ve been honored with the gratifying, if unlikely, “Sisterhood Award.” Thank you, Kristy!

I appreciate both awards very much, as well as the support and positive feedback I’ve been lucky enough to get over the last few months, all of which motivates me in my desire to create something interesting and unique with my website.


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  1. You deserved for the awards ;)

  2. Congrats, it is always nice to be recognized for our efforts!!!

  3. Congratulations! These awards are well-deserved and a testament to how engaging your blog truly is. Complication can be both distraction and exhilaration, and the decision to take a job in another country certainly falls under this. No matter how you decide, I hope you'll still find time to share your adventures with us!

  4. Aha! You too?? I received the Sisterhood award twice in a day, and while it's nice to be recognized, I just couldn't get the idea of short haircuts and pristine-looking habits out of my head! Reminds me of Sally Field in the Flying Nun.

    Boy, did I just "date" myself.... :-P

  5. You're absolutely welcome, Mr. Sapuche! It's such a pleasure to read your blog. Thanks for your kind words and all the great comments at TWN. You rock!!

  6. Selba: Thanks for the kind words…and also for the award!

    Chef E: It is nice! And I feel like I’ve broken barriers with the Sisterhood Award! :)

    Tangled Noodle: Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and encouragement you consistently offer. I’m continually amazed at how generous the food blogging community is. I also appreciate your words of perspective regarding my possible move to Taiwan. If I end up taking the job and moving, I’ll definitely do my best to keep up with my blogging! Of course, much of my time will disappear in the extensive eating of local food.

    Rowena: Ha, that’s funny. And hey, I’m of the age that I caught your reference to the Flying Nun! I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing… Haha!

    Wicked Noodle: Thank you for both the nice comment and the award you bestowed on me! The feeling is definitely mutual. :)