Thursday, August 20, 2009

My First Newspaper Publication

Well, I finally got a piece of food writing published (not counting my short story about a guy who confused eating with love). For anyone who's interested, please have a look at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin website where it appears as a feature story.

And yes, there's no more anonymity for me, as my real name appears beneath the title of the story. (And if you're really curious, or just have a bunch of extra time on your hands, feel free to check my other blog for various photos as well as some stuff that overlaps with this website.) As far as my blogging life goes, however, I still prefer to go by Sapuche!

I intend to post the original article, which runs twice as long as this publication and has more photos to go with it, as soon as I'm sure the publication rights have reverted back to me.

I'm afraid I have to go back into my blogging cave again (i.e., dealing with the exigencies of my life) for a couple more weeks. After that, I hope to be back blogging fairly regularly again!

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